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Griselda Steiner is a playwright, poet and freelance writer.  Her musical “HYPATIA” was given a reading at the Playwrights and Directors Unit of the Actors Studio in 2009.  Her play “MARY M and THE MAD PROPHET“ was presented at Angelica’s Salon in 2010.  Griselda's screenplay "THE GODDESS IN EXILE" was read at Women Make Movies in 1996 and scenes were read at Naked Angels Theatre, NYC.  She has been a member of the Actors Studio, the Episcopal Actors Guild, Woodstock Fringe, NYC Playwrights and the Cherry Lane Collective.


In 2012 Griselda hosted an evening of poetry videos (now on her YouTube Channel) "Art in Motion" as an event at the Westbeth Arts Center.  She has performed in New York City venues - at the Episcopal Actors Guild, the 92STY Tribecca and the Duplex Club.  Her poems appeared in numerous literary journals as well as in SCENE4 Arts magazine online.  Her Chapbook, “Crystal Cosmos” is published by Encircle Publications.


Her feature articles have appeared in THE MAILER REVIEW, AMERICAN THEATRE MAGAZINE, the Polish DIALOG, PARABOLA, ORGANICA, FILMMAKERS NEWSLETTER and SCENE4 Online.  In 2008, Griselda's collection of articles from the 1970s to 2008 entitled "Cultural Reflections" was published on KINDLE.


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